20 April 2014

The next generation of inter-office communications has arrived...
On the 8th September 2009, Nick Smith, MD of OfficeAnyplace, gave a talk on what Cloud computing means for small businesses, at the Speciality Fine Food fair, Olympia.

Slides from the Presentation: PowerPoint - PDF - XPS


OfficeAnyplace is the service that frees up your IT usage. It frees you from your desk, it frees you from capital costs, and it frees you from the stress of worrying about security. Leveraging Microsoft-based technologies, it provides an enterprise-class IT infrastructure without enterprise-level cost structures.

OfficeAnyplace lets you work anywhere

With OfficeAnyplace, it doesn’t matter what computer you are at, you will always be able to access all your information and software. You could be at your office, your home, at your granny’s, or even on holiday. Simply connect in to our service through a web browser, and you’ll instantly be able to work on that vital report or reply to emails. Microsoft’s best-of-breed software applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, will all be at your fingertips, and you’ll be able to work as fast as at a normal computer.

OfficeAnyplace lets you work together

OfficeAnyplace gives you both shared and personal workspace, so you can share your files with your colleagues if you want to, but also have some confidential files. Because we also provide the leading workgroup software, Microsoft Exchange, it also means you can share address books, diaries, task lists, and even emails if you want to – and we can get these to push to your mobile phone too.

OfficeAnyplace lets you budget

We supply the computer servers, so you don’t have to worry about large capital costs involved in moving to, or upgrading, servers. OfficeAnyplace works on any PC running Windows 95 or better, so you won’t ever have to waste money on upgrading your PCs. And we provide the latest version of Microsoft Office, so you’ll never have to worry about having the latest versions, or spending money on continuous upgrades. We support all the applications within OfficeAnyplace, so you can slash your IT support costs; all you need to know to give you an accurate IT budget is your monthly subscription to our service.

OfficeAnyplace is worry-free

With OfficeAnyplace, you don’t have to worry about back-up tapes, because we do all the backing up. In fact, if you save a Word document in OfficeAnyplace, we will save copies of it to three different locations within 5 minutes. And we’ll save different versions, so we can always go back to an earlier version if one of your colleagues makes a mistake. We also use 6 levels of anti-virus protection from different providers to keep your data safe, and have in place market-leading firewall technologies to provide a comprehensive protection strategy.

And, in case of a terrorist outrage or regional disaster, we have a failover site in Northampton which will go live within hours to ensure business continuity.

Click here for a Demonstration


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