“I just want our
IT taken care of”

That’s me
At OfficeAnyplace we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to take care of all of your company’s IT needs.

Unlike most, we directly own and manage our servers, which are in a secure, best-of-class facility in the UK.

We believe in plain speech and a personal relationship with our clients. When you start working with us you will soon know the names of each of our engineers.

We also believe in transparency. Pick the contract that suits your needs and know exactly what you pay. No hidden costs for complete peace of mind.



“I have some
IT knowledge”

That’s me
At OfficeAnyplace, we can take care of some, or all, of your IT needs. Our flagship product, OA Desktop, is a full remote desktop facility.

Which includes Microsoft Office, hosted on our own servers in the UK. We can maintain your existing hardware with OA Support, keep it safe with OA Web, filter out spam with OA Mail and backup your data with OA Files.

For all this and more, we make sure that all licenses are paid up and up-to-date. When it comes to IT, you can get on with your day-job with complete peace of mind.



“I am an IT

That’s me
We leverage our large, existing infrastructure to give small business clients the best of both worlds: corporate-level IT with small-business costs.

Our 42 servers provide continuous backup, 5 layers of antivirus (McAfee, Kaspersky, Vipre, Norman, and Bitdefender), redundant Exchange Servers, and clustered SQL and Hyper-V servers.

We monitor PCs and servers on a regular basis, running checks as frequently as every 15 minutes. And we do all this in easy to describe packages that your colleagues will understand.