IT Things

Our objective has always been to provide big business IT to small businesses. To that end, we have built the sort of infrastructure a large organisation would have, and rent it out to smaller organisations.

Our Cloud

The “cloud” always means some hardware somewhere. Ours is best in class:

Data Centre

  • Our primary data centre is 10 minutes drive from us in Croydon.
  • Our Data Center has huge amounts of batteries and generators whose up-time is measured in days, not hours.
  • Customer data never leaves the UK, and never will.
  • Our internet connectivity is dual-loop, and has multiple entry points into the building, going in different directions.


  • We own all our own equipment. We are not dependent on anyone else.
  • Almost all our infrastructure is clustered and/or redundant.
  • Our core servers all have dual power-supplies, and connect to dual switches.
  • Our firewalls are redundant and can fail-over in real time.



  • We don’t have ‘an’ Exchange Server, we have 9 – including multiple load-balanced CAS and Transport servers, as well as clustered mailboxes.
  • We have Exchange archiving and legal hold available.
  • We provide industry leading 25GB mailboxes and 25MB individual emails.
  • Our mail-cleaning service has 4 different engines as well.
  • Our anti-spam service has been described by clients as ‘Best I’ve ever used’.


  • Our OA Desktop package provides Office 2013 based on Windows 2012.
  • Our proxy uses 5 different AV engines – Kaspersky, McAfee, BitDefender, Norman, and Vipre.
  • Our File-Store uses DFS for multiple server availability in real time, and hourly backups.


We offer a state-of-the art VoIP telephony solution. Fully customizable to your needs, it can be scaled to companies of any size and is invoiced on a flat-fee basis, making your budgeting and forecasting easy.


IT companies have a tendency to put up a list of companies they are ‘partners’ with. This usually means ‘We have filled out the forms and are allowed to resell’.  We’ve done that too.  Somewhere on their sites, you will find us listed as partners for Symantec, IBM, McAfee, Compaq, HP, Watchguard, Quest, Apple, Blackberry and doubtless a few others we have sold over the years. We have actual ongoing partnerships and expertise with:

  • Microsoft
  • Dell
  • Barracuda
  • Vipre
  • GFI
  • Vembu

Cloud Solutions

  • Exchange – we provide Hosted Exchange hosted purely in the UK
  • Backup – we can backup Terabytes of data to multiple locations
  • SQL – we can provide Microsoft SQL server or SQL Express
  • Remote Desktops – we can provide either Terminal Servers (Session hosts) or dedicated virtual PCs
  • Dedicated Servers for either Linux or Windows
  • Anti-spam solutions for any domain – we strip out the bad stuff so your mail server doesn’t have to
  • Off-site monitoring and alerting solutions

Support / Remote Support

Our service does not stop at helping you use our own product. We also actively support and – subject to contract – constantly monitor your own hardware to ensure that your network and computers are fully secure and functional. As and when needed, we will repair and upgrade your computers, in most cases through remote support. Typically we will fix issues in  less than an hour, and often less. We will also send an engineer at short notice when necessary.

Third Line Support

We provide in-depth, third line technical support for some of our larger clients with in-house IT. This provides your IT professionals with an additional safety-net in case of critical events and also helps alleviate their workload, particularly when multiple sites are involved.