About Officeanyplace

We started in 1985 under the name Webactive and have evolved into Officeanyplace.

Originally working from Clapham, we purchased our new offices in Croydon when we realised there was no room for a decent salt-water fish tank.

Since we started doing the geek stuff for our clients, we have always been interested in being among the first to understand the latest technologies, so that we could show off at meetings and explain why they are – or sometimes are not – needed for SMEs to do better business.

Although we haven’t yet received the awed reaction we have always been aiming for, we take solace in the fact that many of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years.


UK Based

It’s not so much that we are proud to be British (well, all of us are proud, but some of us aren’t British), it’s that we’ve always believed that we have better control over the things close to us.

For that reason, we keep our client’s data on servers based in the UK (within the M25 in fact). While we can integrate DropBox or work with your Google Enterprise solution if you want us to, we prefer to ensure that all your data stays right here where you (and preferably, nobody else) can see it.

Likewise, when we need some help from a supplier, we prefer it when the person on the other side of the phone understands what we are talking about and that we can understand him. So all our staff is based in Croydon (Rodolphe is still working on his accent, though).