The Green Machine

I love computers – I love the way they enable us to communicate, to share, to change the world. What I don’t love is their environmental impact. A typical business PC is hugely overpowered for typing documents and browsing the web, and will use 550 KiloWatt Hours/Year. That will generate over 800 pounds of CO2 emission, and it will cost £80 assuming 15p/ Kilowatt Hour). 800 pounds of CO2 needs about 60 trees to absorb.

If you have 100 PCs in your business, that’s £8,000/year.

There is a way to reduce this overhead – it’s called Thin Computing. Essentially, you buy PCs with minimal hardware – a weak processor, no hard disk, and therefore little temperature generation and no fans. This then connects to a server which does all the hard work. The combined draw of these parts is about a tenth of a normal PC – around 55 Kwh/Year, or a saving of £70 or 700 pounds of CO2 /year.

The one drawback is that running the right servers for Thin Computing is complex, and requires significant investment in time, hardware, and expertise – more than a typical small business will be able to achieve – but it’s exactly what we have been doing at Officeanyplace for 10 years.

We’re proud that we’ve provided good service to our clients over that period – but even prouder of the power we’ve saved.